This seems to be the time of year when people get confused about who celebrates what and why. I grew up in the middle of all that confusion and have dealt with both sides of the question. As a Jew I am constantly asked by Gentile (Non-Jewish) followers of Jesus if I celebrate Easter or Passover, as if it is one or the other.

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I am not a Jew, but I do believe in the Jewish ways. Jesus wants us to follow in his footsteps, not the Roman Catholics. The Roman Catholics Incorporated Easter in to this Holy week, because the Pagans celebrated it for Ashtoreth, the Goddess of fertility. 2 Kings 23:13 refers to her as The abomination of the Sidoneons. Jeremiah 7:18,44:24-28 she is referred to the Queen of Heaven, and her worship was condemned by God. So you tell me, Easter, or Passover?