Eye on Our Branches: South Florida

This is the first in an ongoing series of posts which will focus on the work being done by Jews for Jesus missionary staff at branch offices in different cities.

This Valentine's Day, some of our South Florida branch missionaries, Greg Savitt and Chad Elliott, manned an evangelistic literature table at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in Boca Raton. FAU has 26,000 students of whom approximately 2,100 are Jewish -- some 8% of the student body.

This was the first time that Jews for Jesus has ever set up a literature table at the FAU campus, and it was a great success. Hundreds of students passed by the table, many of whom took some of our special Valentine's Day broadsides (Gospel tracts).

A number of Jewish students stopped to chat with our missionaries, and 6 students gave their contact information in order to receive some of our publications. One Jewish student spoke with Greg Savitt and told Greg that he was dating a Christian girl who was talking to him about Jesus, then agreed to read one of the booklets we had available. Christian students stopped to take literature to pass on to their Jewish friends, and to say how glad they were to see Jews for Jesus on campus.

In the near future the staff and some faithful volunteers will be doing street evangelism at the Coconut Grove Art Festival in Miami, February 17-19. They are praying for many conversations with Jewish people, and that the Gospel tracts they distribute during the festival will stir many to consider the Messianic claims of Jesus!

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Pea said...

Great stuff! Since I can't be there to distribute gospel tracts like I would love to, I'll gather a few people and pray with you all about the Coconut Grove Art Festival as well.