What a situation in Israel right now. "Intractable," someone called it. It underscores the sinfulness of mankind, all mankind, on both sides of the conflict. And it underscores the need for the gospel and the message of the Prince of Peace, sar shalom.

Peace, in the Bible, is not just the absence of war. It's spiritual wholeness. It's being all we were created to be. How far we seem to be from that.

So why doesn't God do something? No simplistic responses there. I remember a conversation I had with a young man in Israel a few years back. He asked the usual questions. If Jesus is the Messiah, why isn't there peace? Why is there war? Why is there so much hatred? I responded like this: God could "snap his fingers," so to speak, and impose peace right now. But if we didn't change, if it was all external, we'd mess the world up again in short order. (How many enforced cease-fires are kept?) To have peace, I told him, we each need to make our peace with God through His way, the atoning death of the Messiah Jesus.

At Passover, we remember slavery and celebrate redemption. Jesus once said to a Jewish audience (he hardly had others), "He who commits sin is the slave of sin." His hearers knew all about Passover and slavery to Pharaoh. Jesus was saying that the ultimate form of slavery is not "out there" someplace, but in our hearts. Pharaoh thought he was a slavemaster, but he was a slave to his own sinful desires that drove him to be a tyrant.

And not just Pharaoh. All of us. Israelis. Lebanese. Palestinians. Americans. Secular Jews. Religious Jews. Non-Orthodox. Ultra-Orthodox. All of us, slaves to sin, says Jesus.

There won't be peace until we admit that we are all, really and potentially, part of the problem. But thank God, there is a solution, given when the Messiah died to atone for our sins and restore us to God - to bring us real shalom.

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infonote said...

To bring peace, one of the parties involved in a war needs to forgive.

Both sides in a war commit war crimes against humanity.

The 1st one to forgive will be the winner.

kola said...

1 - JEWS for JESUS, hm... sound easy & meaningless - impossible! NOT before the TRUTH about JESUS - what it is all about in all the Scriptures describing it - is CLEARED UP!

2 - All Issues & Subject JEWISH Matters: the problem whe World have is this: peoples of faith don't ask to much, don't read enough but listen
to wrong mouth' all the time & don't comprehend, not even the slitest philosophical truth that make the evidence be resting in the power of wisdom created out of teachings of life... Knowledge is the experience of it. And this is the mystery where it all stays & is the HIDDEN stuff - secrets of
evidence still to be found.

More to add in shortest term: The necessity of knowing the full history on almost daily basis from times it is all about... To dig deeper & to
dig up & to PROVE that JESUS Was & Is a historical name & individuality & the reason for One Namely Power - is the Main GOAL to achieve! 'Cause JESUS is this - this must be fulfilled...