In the News: Jackie Mason Cries Blues, Short Fuse, Sues Jews, No Schmooze, Who'll Lose?

By now, you've probably heard that Jackie Mason has slapped a $4 million lawsuit on Jews for Jesus - for using his public likeness on a public pamphlet (although he is a public figure; details at the Jews for Jesus main site) and for, get this, confusing his audience ("Now they're going to wonder, is he a Jew or a Gentile? I'm going to have to write a whole new act" - WCBS-TV interview). Mason did not attempt to contact Jews for Jesus before launching his suit. Did Jews for Jesus slip up? Will Jackie Mason have to write a new act?

For an audio opinion about the suit, listen to this MP3 file (and for permission to reuse, contact Jews for Jesus).


josh1237 said...

Jackie Mason is going to bankrupt you!

Chad said...


That's very unlikely. The courts have consistently upheld the right to satirize, parody, and make commentary upon public figures like Jackie Mason. If this were not so then people like Jay Leno, Jon Stewart, the cast of Saturday Night Live, and the publishers of MAD magazine would not have jobs.